Profile Verifications

We have to admit that everything in the online world can be fabricated, faked, and it could be not good as it seems.  Likewise, the escort profile can also be distorted by using Face Makeup application (like faceapp).  These applications can help boosting the image quality for escort girls and sex workers profile making it impossible to know the real identity of these workers.
The profile verification is one of the method for the visitors to to know which profile in the real world is exactly matched the profile pictures.  The verification is very simple, by using the real people who have visited the profile physically, come back to press the verification button.
Once the button is being clicked for 3 times, the profile will receive the verification badge from the Sex worker profile listing and thus, it is safer for future guest and customers to visit the profile with peace of mind
The example of the button that shows beside the profile page (Mobile page, the button will be located under the profile)

How to verify the profile?

  1. The real person visit the escort girls/sex workers physically
  2. Once met, he/she can see the real look of the profile and press the verification button
  3. When the button is being pressed for 3 times, the profile owner gets the badge
For those who wants to verify the profile, they need to register an account prior to the profile verification

Meeting with the profile, there are things you should know.  Please read the rules on this page.  Wish you all had a happy time and happy ending with your selected escorts