By now, you might have already been familiar with the platform by learning how to use  Most escort girls in Thailand do not speak English and thus do not write in English.  There are 2 ways the sex workers and escort girls join this platform.  First way, the profiles are being entered by the agency and second, they join individually. sadly, they don't use English that much.

Details on each escort profile

Starting with the name of the sex worker, age, body measurement, and the location of the sex workers.  Now, the location, most of the times, it is not where the escort lives, but it is the place, district, hotel, apartment that he/she has to be ready for the service.  For example, the location can be at Sukhumvit Area but she/he lives somewhere else.
  1. Number 1 is the name and the price per time specified by escort girls
  2. Numer 2 is the gender and age
  3. Number 3 is where you click to contact the escort (could be via agency LINE account or individual.  no extra charges or fees other than the price in Number 1, the payment is made in cash when physically meeting with the escort)
  4. Number 4 is the location where you can find / meet them
  5. Number 5 is the body shape
  6. Number 6 is the profile verification (read more)

Escort Service Profile Langauge

The language each escort girls are using cannot be directly translated into English, Japanese, Chinese and the reason is that those keywords are 100% slang.  98% of the escort girls and sex workers are not English literated or not proefficient in English or international langauge.  Thus, we have to translate them here

While you're on bed

  • ฟิวแฟน = Girlfriend feeling, acting as if he/she is your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • อมสด = No condom blowjob
  • เลียจิมิ = oral sex is ok
  • 69 = you know the meaning
  • นวดได้ = able to offer extra service with massage
  • แตกปาก = cum in mouth (There might be extra charges)
  • แตกหน้า = cum on face (There might be extra charges)
  • แตกตัว = cum on body (There might be extra charges)
  • ประตูหลัง เอาก้น = anal sex

Sex Worker Restrictions (Things you cannot do with them)

Each sideline (escort girls) is having their own preferences as well as their "don'ts".  You can notice the red tranparent area under their profile of what they do not like and they won't allow to do this with them
  • ไม่เอาสด = condom needs to be wear at all time (100% of the escort girls)
  • ไม่เอาก้น = No anal sex
  • ไม่รับคนพิการ = No disabilities is accepted
  • ไม่รับพี่ดัดแปลงมาทุกชนิด = Penis modification is accepted
  • ห้ามใช้นิ้วแหย่ = fingering is forbidden