is a dating and escort service in Thailand with easy navigation.  We have 3 tiers of profile which are women, men, and trans to choose from.  We are social media with non-paid service while you can enjoy contacting the person directly via LINE application.  All profiles are 100% real.  Here's how you can navigate our website
  1. Find your style by using search button by area or browse through the site
  2. If you like the profile, choose the heart button on the top right to keep in your favorite list
  3. Contact the profile directly using LINE application
  4. Discuss your plans with your date/escort
  5. Meet each other
In order to keep your favorite list and ability to comment/review, please open an account here
  • Are These Profiles real? - Yes, but, some might be inaccurate.  Please contact them via LINE for verifications or check Profile Verifications
  • Why do you have to censor - To prevent distribution of the images and to prevent fraud
  • Do I have to pay for anything? - It is free "Both ways"
  • How Do I register? - here it is
  • What type of account? - If you're looking for escort service, choose the first one, if you're offering service, the second one
  • Do I have to use real name? - We forbid you to use real world names.  In addition to this, do not post your phone number of address of any kind for security measures
Sideline, meaning in English is very varied by how it was being used.  The word sideline in Thailand has the same meaning as "Escort Service" or "Sex Workers" of which we provide the same function and feature but with free of charges.  Each profile images, whether they are men or women are real and can be called upon your negotiations.
We don't encourage the use of Jerkunmai, the social media site, in a sexual way, but we do encourage lonely users to hire escort service or sideline when they want to have "paid dating" while considering sexual thing comes the last
Again, Sideline is the work beside of the full-time job, thus, the profile you are seeing here are not full-time workers and will have to contact them directly without any fees to make appointments and to see if those profies really match your style.
For those who do not know how to use the website, please visit this page
If there's any special request, please contact us at [email protected]